vrijdag 5 december 2014

Jennifer 135

"Hold on... I have to take off these glasses, Lord Lentilux. I am watching the station clock and I swear that it says 11.15. It was eleven o'├žlock sharp when we met. We must have been busy for hours. There is no way this clock can be right"
"In that case, you'd better check your watch. There is no need to remove the glasses for that. The lenses are slightly magnifying"
"This is absurd. My watch is perfect and I just saw it jump from 11.15 to 11.16. Lord Lentilux, what's happening here? And why are you smiling?"
"Dear Jennifer, I can't tell for sure but perhaps you are still under the influence of our time machine"
"Let's hope not, I really need to return to the present"
"How about that coffee at Starbucks? Coffee is the best remedy. Always. I can tell you this on good authority"
"Do you work in the coffee business?"
"No, but I am Chairman of the Society for Coffee Centered Thinking. It's a new wave in Philosophy"
"You keep surprising me, Lord Lentilux. OK, let's go for a big mug of coffee. Can I keep these glasses on for another moment?"
"Of course you can. But you'd better hand them back to me when the coffee is served. Otherwise your eyesight will experience a heavy fog attack"

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