maandag 13 april 2015

Nadya 007

"Can you tell me what you are seeing through these glasses? Take your time"

"I can see a bit better than without glasses but it's not sharp yet. And there is a lot of reflection. But the frame is beautiful. I like the shape of the arms"

"They are so called drop temple glasses. The style was quite popular in the 1980's but they have long disappeared from the streets. A great pity. And you are right about the reflection. Nowadays, all prescription lenses have anti-reflective coating. Back then, you had to pay extra for that. The Irish lady probably decided to keep the money in her pocket. Shall we try another pair?"

"Yes, please. It sounds as if I am getting a free lecture about the history of glasses. But I can't feel any magic yet"

"Ah, not to worry. That will come as we proceed. The stronger the glasses, the more magic"