vrijdag 20 mei 2016

Glasses England (4)

And a close up of vintage glasses selected for model N. The top brands from the 1970's and 1980's (Christian Dior and Silhouette) are well represented here. These pictures are posted here so that the models can get a fair impression beforehand.

Glasses England (3)

A close up of the glasses selected for model J.

Glasses England (2)

The glasses selected for the other two models in England, neatly squeezed together on a large double mirror. The four columns on the left are for model N. The glasses on the right are for model J.

Glasses England (1)

The short trip to England will be devoted to three photo shoots and of course a special collection is assembled for each model individually, based on her PD, prescription and shape / colour match. It takes a full day of work per model to select the glasses.

donderdag 19 mei 2016

Backstage captures (3)

This is how it's done..... Another lively backstage capture taken by Fani during the second half of the same photo shoot on May 8 in Athens. Nel and I were in Greece for a holiday week but she kindly allowed me to use the first morning and the final evening of our stay for a couple of photo shoots. Unfortunately I had to disappoint two other gorgeous models who were ready to jump in if there would be a late cancellation. There is nothing to it than return to Athens.... The same goes for Paris where no less than twenty models applied in January.

Backstage captures (2)

Model and photographer at work.... This picture  taken during the first part of the second photo shoot in Athens, on May 8. A word of thanks goes to Fani for her support and for taking a series of backstage photos. The month of June will be devoted to the editing and posting of the photo shoots done in Greece. The same goes for the editing and posting of the photo shoots that will soon be done during a short stay in England.

Backstage captures (1)

Preparations are well under way for a short visit to England. This photo is posted here primarily for the models who will pose for me so that they can recognize me at the meeting point. My life partner Nel took a walk along the beach during a recent photo shoot in Athens (May 2) and she kindly took a couple of pictures when the model and her photographer were taking a short break.