donderdag 30 juni 2016

Xenia enc 030 - 035

Glasses, top to bottom:
Gan Aimh, 1970's [L: -1.00; c-1.00 v / R: -2.00; c-0.50 v]
Silhouette 1156 [L: -2.00; c-1.00 v / R: -2.50; c-0.50 v]
Pro Design [L: -1.50; c-1.50 v / R: -2.00; c-1.50 o]
Lamy (Christel) [L: -2.50 / R: -2.50; c-0.50 v]
The left lens in the pink Pro Design glasses turned out to be almost perfect for the young lady in the story, giving the eccentric inventor a good indication of the cylindrical lenses needed for the second eye test on the beach.
All glasses shown here by Xenia were also featured in the photo shoot with Carla in 2009.

Xenia enc 024 - 029

The first eye test on the beach gave [L: -2.50 / R: -1.75] and photos 007 - 023 were selected as they came nearest to the outcome of the first test. However, the symptoms described by the young lady in the story indicated astigmatism. The glasses shown here by Xenia all have cylinders in the lenses, with the most common axis direction. This axis appeared to apply to the young lady in the story.
Marvelous acting here by Xenia. Her expression shows if the glasses came near to the prescription needed by the young lady in the story.
Glasses from top to bottom:
Givenchy (Odeon) [L: -0.50; c-2.00 v / R: -0.50; c-1.00 v]
Michael Selcott (Chelsea) [L: -0.25; c-2.50 v / R: -0.50; c-2.25 v / bif add 1.75]
Licefat, c. 1960 [L=R: 0; c-2.00 v]
Cazal [L: -3.00; c-2.00 v / R: -1.00; c-1.00 v]
Rodenstock YL 201 [L: -2.00; c-1.00 v / R: 0; c-1.50 v]
All these glasses were also used in the photo shoot with Carla who had almost exactly the same prescription.

Xenia enc 020 - 023

Glasses: Luxottica [L: -2.00; c-0.25 v / R: -1.50]
All the previous glasses were also featured in my photo shoot with Carla, late 2009. This pair was a later addition to the collection.

Xenia enc 013 - 019

The next two pairs tried by Xenia are
(top) Rodenstock (Silvana) [L: -2.75 / R: -2.25]
(bottom) Silhouette 823 [L: -2.00 / R: -1.50]

Xenia enc 007 - 012

The first three glasses tried by Xenia after the first eye test with only SPH lenses.
Top to bottom:
Rodenstock YL 138 [L=R: -1.50] (Carla's first glasses)
Venus [L=R: -2.00]
Piave [L: -2.50 / R: -1.50]

Xenia enc 001 - 006

As a service to readers who could not get access to the first 35 Xenia photos, here they are....

dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Xenia 136

"Hush, hush, don't tell anyone at home that I will soon be getting my first pair of glasses!"

This fine portrait marks the end of another great, remarkable photo shoot. It's my first theme shoot ever about a young lady in search of her first pair of glasses. So what you just read is a fiction story based on a real life situation. Xenia is the 74th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

Xenia, it was such a pleasure to work with you! It was immediately clear from your great portfolio and website that you are a highly experienced model who has what it takes to produce a great photo shoot. Needless to say, I was delighted when you reacted straightaway on my casting call for Athens. Motivation is always important and in our correspondence it soon turned out that you had a special motivation to do a photo shoot in prescription glasses. You were just about to have your eyesight tested and it looked like you were in need of your first pair of prescription glasses. When you sent me your prescription, it dawned to me that a nice story line could be written along with the documentary of your photo shoot. We were really fortunate that your not exactly everyday prescription turned out to be almost identical to that of a great model who posed for me in 2009 and who kindly gave me all her old glasses after undergoing surgery. This lucky coincidence was the missing link in the story line I had in mind. When we met in Alimos, my first impression of you was that you are a cheerful young lady but I was not prepared for the full gamut of expressions you had in store when we started the photo shoot. It was quite easy for me to lead you in the directions needed for the story line. A hint or a simple question here and there was enough. On top of that you surprised me with expressions and examples of gorgeous posing that did not require any hints from my side. You really lived the role of a young lady in search of her first pair of glasses. It really all went all by itself, from the first eye test to the posing in the four glasses with the right prescription. The presence of your life partner Stavros contributed greatly to your posing in a number of pictures. It also gave me the opportunity to work side by side with a professional photographer - a new experience to me but a welcome experience. Stavros left the directions entirely to me. It was nice to hear his feedback of each new pair of glasses that landed on your nose. This goes especially for the final part in which strong glasses way beyond your own prescription were used. Your posing in these strong glasses was second to none, showing your excellent imagination and acting capacity. Small wonder that your photo shoot was very well received. You even got the credit that you would have made a perfect cast as an actress for Alfred Hitchcock. It's a bit late for that but the sender definitely had a point. And last but not least, you broke a long standing record by bringing in the amazing amount of 8719 page views within 24 hours. The previous record, established in 2011, stood at nearly 6000 page views. It's great to know that I'm not alone in my appreciation for the great work you did during our three hours at the seaside in Alimos. Xenia, thank you so much for a wonderful experience with marvelous results, and who knows, till next time....

A note to readers: anyone interested to see more work of this outstanding model is invited to go to

Xenia 135

"Even with minus eight?"

"Even with minus eight. You saved the best for the last"


"Well, there was another pair that was perfect for you as well. I told you when you tried that pair. Shall I write down your prescription and the serial numbers of the two magic glasses?"

"That would be grand. By the way, does your Lady Nel have curly hair?"

"Yes, she has"

"I just spotted a lady walking in our direction. She will be here in a minute or two"

"Excellent timing, don't you think? She will be pleased to meet you and hear about your first experience with prescription glasses. By the way, I could give you the loan of one of the glasses that gave you perfect eyesight, to help you out"

"No, thank you. I need a push in the back to go to an optician. I will give you my email address so you can send me the pictures"

"You will receive them as quick as possible. Promise. And let me know about the eye test and the glasses you will choose"


Xenia 134

"Ah, that is so sweet. You almost make me blush, My Lord. I'm feeling a bit shy"

"I meant every word, Xenia. You look drop dead gorgeous in these glasses"

Xenia 133

"These glasses are perfect for you, Xenia. I have no idea if they are still in stock, but if they are, I can only recommend them to you. The shape is perfect, the size is good, the colour is fine and what I really love about these glasses is the way the follow your eyebrow line"

Xenia 132

"Well, it has been a good journey, My Lord, and all good things must come to an end"

"Happy to meet and sorry to part. It goes for me as well. By the way, how is the eyesight?"

"Almost landed, thank you. Now tell me about my looks in these glasses"

Xenia 131

The young lady picked the final pair of glasses from the box.

"Let's see what these will do for me". She took a long look in the distance, avoiding eye contact.

"Excuse me for interrupting your thoughts, but do I see a bit of melancholy in your face?"

"I just realized that we are near the end of our journey. So, yes"

Xenia 130

Glasses: Zenni 2740
[L=R: -8.00]

Xenia 129

"Another problem solved.... I will now try the final pair"

Xenia 128

The young lady spent quite some time looking in the distance. Lord Lentilux did not speak.

"I will say something to you that may sound ridiculous. Please don't laugh at me"

"Don't worry, Xenia, that's no part of my repertoire. I have an open mind"

"Wearing and needing glasses of minus eight is really no big deal. It feels as if I could go for a long walk without any problem and even enjoy it"

"So you are not worried about maybe needing an increase in the future after you get your own glasses?"

"No. My only worry is how people will react if they see me in glasses. But I'll take it when I get there. This is a great experience for me, My Lord, and I thank you for it"

"My pleasure, Xenia. Don't worry about the reactions. From what I saw when we met, most people around you will not be surprised to see you in glasses"

Xenia 127

"Now please tell me what you think of these"

"A bit solid, a bit large but not over the top, the colour is good and the shape is fine. Perhaps a bit too outspoken for use in daily life. But I can guarantee you that the pictures will come out great"

Xenia 126

"Hold on.... Nearly there.... This goes faster than the green glasses"

"You are back at minus eight, Xenia. the green glasses were minus twelve"

"Ah, that explains it. Back into familiar territory"

Xenia 125

The young lady selected a solid pair of purple glasses with a touch of the cat eye look.

"I'm curious how these will work for me. They may be too large or too solid but I don't care. Give me a few moments so that my eyes can adapt themselves"

"I will, of course. take your time"

Xenia 124

Glasses: Zenni 620617
[L=R: -8.00]

Xenia 123

"Thank you. The way you talk.... it's a pity that you did not become an optician"

"Well, it was my dream as a schoolboy. But to be honest, I don't know if being tied to a shop would have suited me. And I'm not a business man either. I'm happy with the way my life has been so far"

"Glad to hear that. Now there are a couple of nice looking glasses left in the box. Next pair?"

"Next pair. And don't forget that it will take a bit longer before your own vision has returned. So take your time. Half a minute will be enough"

Xenia 122

"In my opinion you look great in these green glasses. They are strong but the frame is solid so it gives a counterweight. Of course green is not an easy colour but it really suits you. the glasses are not too large and the eyebrow line is quite natural. I'm not sure if they would work that well in your own prescription. They might be a bit too solid and heavy for you"