dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Xenia 121

"This is a strange but fascinating story, My Lord. You are an inventor who does not understand his own invention. And yet it works perfectly. I can testify to that. But why are the vintage glasses in the other boxes not magic glasses?"

"I could have put the magic in them but remember we were doing an eye test. I needed you to check your vision to make the eye test easier"

"Well, I really look forward to tell the full story to my husband tonight. He will probably ask if I was sleepwalking"

"Not to worry, Xenia. I will write out your prescription and you can take it to an optician. It will be interesting to hear from you if it is correct"

"Well, if it's not entirely correct, it can't be far off. I never saw things so clear in my entire life. But now please tell me, how do I look in these green cat eye glasses?"

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