maandag 27 juni 2016

Xenia 082

"I'm really fortunate that we met by coincidence. The funny thing is that it feels as if I have been wearing glasses for years"

"I'm delighted to hear that, Xenia. I'd say it will not be a big step for you to go to an optician now, is that right?"

"Except when they say that I should have come much sooner"

"Ah, no problem. Now you can tell them that you had glasses before but they went missing"

"That's a good one. May I ask you one more thing?"

"Anything you want to know. I have no secrets. It's healthier to have no secrets"

"When we met, you said you are an inventor and that you have a collection of magic glasses. But then we went under way with the eye tests and you said there was nothing magic about that. Where are your magic glasses and what makes them magic?"

"I have them with me. They are in the final box in my suitcase. Hold on.... Here they are"

"They look a lot stronger than my prescription, is that right?"

"Absolutely. They are about three times as strong"

"And what's the magic?"

"If you put them on, your eyes will adapt to their prescription within say twenty seconds and you will see everything perfect through them. But as soon as you take them off, your eyes will return to your own prescription within seconds"

"Go away. That sounds impossible"

"I'm telling you the truth, Xenia"

"Your magic glasses look great. I love the cat eye look. Can you guarantee a safe return to my own prescription?"

"Full guarantee"

"You really make me curious. Can I try some pairs? Or am I becoming too greedy now?"

"Not at all. Lady Lentilux has gone for a walk along the shore and that may well take another while"

"In that case, I'd really like to give them a try. Did you say they are three times as strong as my own prescription?"

"Yes. Most of these magic glasses are minus eight. Your glasses are -2.50 and -3.25"

"Sounds like an acquaintance with total dependency, is that right?"

"Absolutely. And the nice thing is that you will feel how mild your own prescription is"

"That's a nice idea. I can use that. Let's have a go"

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