dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Xenia 128

The young lady spent quite some time looking in the distance. Lord Lentilux did not speak.

"I will say something to you that may sound ridiculous. Please don't laugh at me"

"Don't worry, Xenia, that's no part of my repertoire. I have an open mind"

"Wearing and needing glasses of minus eight is really no big deal. It feels as if I could go for a long walk without any problem and even enjoy it"

"So you are not worried about maybe needing an increase in the future after you get your own glasses?"

"No. My only worry is how people will react if they see me in glasses. But I'll take it when I get there. This is a great experience for me, My Lord, and I thank you for it"

"My pleasure, Xenia. Don't worry about the reactions. From what I saw when we met, most people around you will not be surprised to see you in glasses"

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