dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Xenia 135

"Even with minus eight?"

"Even with minus eight. You saved the best for the last"


"Well, there was another pair that was perfect for you as well. I told you when you tried that pair. Shall I write down your prescription and the serial numbers of the two magic glasses?"

"That would be grand. By the way, does your Lady Nel have curly hair?"

"Yes, she has"

"I just spotted a lady walking in our direction. She will be here in a minute or two"

"Excellent timing, don't you think? She will be pleased to meet you and hear about your first experience with prescription glasses. By the way, I could give you the loan of one of the glasses that gave you perfect eyesight, to help you out"

"No, thank you. I need a push in the back to go to an optician. I will give you my email address so you can send me the pictures"

"You will receive them as quick as possible. Promise. And let me know about the eye test and the glasses you will choose"


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