maandag 27 juni 2016

Xenia 068

"Hold on, Xenia, don't move, I see something special. Can I take another picture?"

""Sure" (SNAP)

"What was that all about, My Lord?"

"A man walked past us and he stopped for a moment to look at the sea. If all goes well, I can send you a picture that shows the power of glasses"

"I'm afraid you lost me for a moment"

"Well, the real image of the man was just beneath the right lens in the glasses. But on top of it was a smaller image of the same man"

"So wearing glasses can give a woman more power over men? Is that what you mean?"

"In a way, yes. Of course, it's only a picture. But every picture tells a story"

"Thank you, I like the concept. Next pair?"

"Next pair"

"Bye bye, secretary glasses...."

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