donderdag 30 juni 2016

Xenia enc 024 - 029

The first eye test on the beach gave [L: -2.50 / R: -1.75] and photos 007 - 023 were selected as they came nearest to the outcome of the first test. However, the symptoms described by the young lady in the story indicated astigmatism. The glasses shown here by Xenia all have cylinders in the lenses, with the most common axis direction. This axis appeared to apply to the young lady in the story.
Marvelous acting here by Xenia. Her expression shows if the glasses came near to the prescription needed by the young lady in the story.
Glasses from top to bottom:
Givenchy (Odeon) [L: -0.50; c-2.00 v / R: -0.50; c-1.00 v]
Michael Selcott (Chelsea) [L: -0.25; c-2.50 v / R: -0.50; c-2.25 v / bif add 1.75]
Licefat, c. 1960 [L=R: 0; c-2.00 v]
Cazal [L: -3.00; c-2.00 v / R: -1.00; c-1.00 v]
Rodenstock YL 201 [L: -2.00; c-1.00 v / R: 0; c-1.50 v]
All these glasses were also used in the photo shoot with Carla who had almost exactly the same prescription.

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