dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Xenia 120

"How is your eyesight now, Xenia?"

"Tiny but perfect. No claustrophobia either. Safe return guaranteed?"

"Absolutely guaranteed. I would never have let you try these glasses is there was a risk"

"May I ask, did your Lady Nel have a role in your invention with these magic glasses?"

"Yes, she had. Before I met her eight years ago, it was just a vast collection of glasses. But she somehow put life into a number of glasses and that started it off. I don't exactly know how it works but it works. What I can tell you is that I have to concentrate on the glasses and the lady who is giving them a try"

"And what would happen if you would go for a walk and leave me here with these strong glasses on? Would I remain extremely shortsighted?"

"No. I have to be close to make the magic work. If I walk away, the glasses lose their magic power. You would notice it straightaway. The fog would return and when you would remove the glasses, you would be back at your own prescription"

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