woensdag 3 december 2014

Jennifer 096

"Can you tell me what you see through these glasses, Jennifer? You are very quiet"
"I'm not exactly sure.... I can see fairly well through these glasses but not perfect. May I ask, where did you get them? They are a lot heavier on my nose than the modern glasses"
"I bought them at the Amsterdam flea market called Waterlooplein, about thirty years ago. They used to have boxes full of glasses and you could buy them for coppers and brass. Those were the days...."
"I heard about that flea market from friends, they spent a few days in Holland. Do you live in Amsterdam, Lord Lentilux?"
"Not anymore but I was born and raised there"
"And did you start building up your collection at that flea market?"
"Yes, I did. Looking back, those glasses were incredibly cheap. The glasses you are wearing cost me a guilder, that's about fifty dollar cents. But I was a poor student at the time"
"Were you aware of the magic when you started collecting? I hope you don't mind that I'm asking all those questions but I really need your voice as a beacon"
"Why is that, Jennifer? Can you describe what the place looks like?"
"The museum is there. I can see it behind you, or rather through you"
"That sounds as if you can barely see me at all. Is that right?"
"Yes, Lord Lentilux, I'm afraid you have become so transparent that I need your voice to remember where you are. Keep talking to me, please. I can't see anybody else either. It's a bit of a lonely feeling, like being lost"
"Perhaps it's better to take off these glasses if they make you feel uneasy"
"Not yet.... Hold on.... Some of the windows in the buildings are open. I see no people but there is a cheerful conversation in Swedish and they are talking about ABBA. I can hear Waterloo in the background and the voices are now singing along with that song. They all sound pretty excited. It's a pity that I can't see them"
"ABBA was from Sweden and Waterloo was their first international hit. They won the Eurovision Song Festival with that song"
"The people only joined the chorus and I can hear that they don't understand the words. They sound as if the song is new to them. I am not a singer but I could sing that song better than they just did"
"Perhaps they are listening to the radio"
"The music has stopped. It's quiet again and I am feeling lonely. Can I take off these glasses?"
"Please do, Jennifer"
"That's better.... Hold on.... It takes a while. The blur is disappearing but slower than when I took off the modern glasses. Hold on.... Yes, now my 20 / 20 vision is back"
"Time for a deep sigh. It's not my intention to make you shortsighted, Jennifer"
"Is this why you interrupted me before when I was asking you questions?"
"Exactly. The magic glasses are safe but you can only wear them for a minute or two. I'm not sure what happens to your eyesight if you wear them longer than that"
"Do you really believe that these vintage glasses could make me shortsighted permanently?"
"I don't know, to be honest. But I feel a responsibility towards you. This experiment is not supposed to be a single journey"
"I understand. It was my own fault. You told me to take off the glasses but I was zooming in on what I was hearing. Did you hear the ABBA song at all?"
"No, all I could hear were voice coming from the big square behind the gate. There was a gap of forty years between us, Jennifer. Are you still keen to carry on with our experiment or shall we call it a day?"
"I see there are only a few glasses in the box. Is that all?"
"Yes, that's it"
"I would like to try another pair. Those purple glasses perhaps? They look great"
"We will do as you suggest, Jennifer. But promise me one thing. You really have to take off the glasses immediately when I am asking. Promise?"

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