vrijdag 5 december 2014

Jennifer 131

"You look gorgeous, Jennifer. And happy as well"
"Yes, I am feeling beautiful and happy. Thank you so much. It's a wonderful experience"
"My pleasure. But now it's time to take off your glasses"
"Bye bye glasses...."

Jennifer took off the glasses and held them in her hand, eyes closed.

"You can open your eyes now if you wish, Jennifer. I hope you still have 20 / 20 vision"
"What? Excuse me, I was dreaming away.... Everything I saw through these special glasses came back. Enough said.... Hello, Lord Lentilux. It's good to see you again"
"How is your eyesight?"
"I see you are shivering, are you cold?"
"Yes, very cold"
"I will lend you my jacket. You will be warm soon. It's a physical reaction on our experiment"
"Probably. Thanks for the jacket"
"I have to pack my stuff. It won't take long. I will walk you back to the station and we can have a coffee at Starbucks if you like"
"That would be nice. Their manager is a friendly man and they serve good coffee. Shall I help you with the packing? I would like to take out one pair of glasses we did not use, and then pose for you near the station"
"Like a note of adieu"
"Good idea. Here is the box with the mild vintage glasses"
"This pair looks really nice. Can I keep it in my pocket?"
"Sure. OK, let's hit the road"

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