woensdag 3 december 2014

Jennifer 072

"How about this as a postcard to your relatives in the U.S, Jennifer?'
"Not bad going. Can I tell them about how I met you? I have to tell what happened, otherwise they will be worried about my eyesight"
"Of course you can, but I doubt if they will believe you. But it's high time to switch glasses or take a short break if your eyes feel tired"
"No, no, let's continue. I really like your strong glasses. Do I look tired?"
"Not at all. I'd even say that you look better and better. I see more confidence than you had when we started. Perhaps the best is yet to come"
"Thank you. It's true, I am feeling more and more at ease. Is that a part of the magic as well?"
"Talk talk.... It's high time to switch glasses"

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