dinsdag 2 december 2014

Jennifer 042

But let's return to the script and hear what Jennifer had to say about what she saw:

"Lord Lentilux, are you pulling my leg? What happened to your time machine? The museum is back and I just saw some people standing at the entrance. Nothing old style about them, even their glasses looked rather modern"
"Ah, in that case these cat eye glasses are not vintage after all. I had my doubts about this pair for a long time. Thank you for telling me. It's reassuring to hear that you can tell about these details from a long distance. Apparently, that part of the magic still works"
"Yes, I have perfect eyesight with these glasses on. How do I look in them?"
"The glasses really suit you perfectly, Jennifer. Hold on, I will take another picture.... That's it. Shall we move on to the next pair? It's definitely vintage so with a bit of luck, you will catch another glimpse of what the garden looked like in the early 1960's. It's a pity that I can't see what you saw through the previous pairs"
"Did you try the glasses yourself?"
"I did, but nothing happened"
"Perhaps because all these glasses were made for women, don't you think?"
"Jennifer, you may be absolutely right. That must be it"
"Don't you have any glasses for men in your collection?"
"No. Nothing ever happens when I touch a man's glasses. Shall we move to the next pair now?"
"Yes, and I hope that your magic will be back. Perhaps it's my magic as well?"
"Without any question, shadow of doubt, Jennifer. After all, it's up to the ladies to bring a bit of magic to a man's life, isn't it?"

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