dinsdag 2 december 2014

Jennifer 056

"Are you cold, Jennifer? I see some discomfort in you, or am I mistaken?"
"Yes, I am beginning to feel a bit cold. By the way, the museum behind you seems to be open but it looks not half as fancy as it does when I'm in between glasses"
"I see that there is only one vintage pair left in the box. They are hippie glasses from the early seventies. Is it alright with you if we try that pair just briefly and then take a break?"
"Yes, please. Maybe it is your time machine with all these new impressions and the switching from one time to another. I'm feeling a bit tired. Adapting my eyes to these bifocals is quite easy but the previous orange pair was definitely difficult"
"Ah, I see the reason why. The right lens in those glasses is stronger than the left lens. That was a mistake from my side. Shall we call it a day after the tea break or can we continue?"
"I think it will be fine to continue when the tea has warmed me up. You mentioned that you have stronger glasses in your suitcase and that there can be more magic in strong glasses. I would like to see how that works"
"Fine, Jennifer, we will do as you wish. I suggest that we will continue the experiment in two steps. First, you can try some contemporary glasses with stronger lenses. If that works well for you, we will finish with a few vintage glasses with strong lenses"

As soon as Jennifer took off the glasses, we heard a voice. I looked up and saw the gallery owner who had given me permission to use his doorstep as location for the photo shoot. The good man said that it was chilly outside and he offered to make us a brew of tea.

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