donderdag 4 december 2014

Jennifer 113

"Lord Lentilux, can I ask you a question about these glasses?"
"Please do"
"There is something weird in what I'm seeing. The fog is clearing up when I look straight ahead but something is seriously wrong with my peripheral view. The lenses are fogged up in every corner. Did you clean them properly?"
"I did, indeed I did. there's no magic in dirty glasses"
"So your advice is that I must look straight ahead all the time?"
"If you wish to see a different part of the surroundings, turn your head in that direction but make sure you keep looking straight ahead"
"That is weird, really weird. Did the lady who bought these glasses have to turn her head all the time?"
"Yes. She was from Germany and she had a great taste for glasses"
"Poor lady.... I feel sorry for her"
"I saw a lady in glasses just like these, around the same time. She looked quite confident in them, really at ease"
"So you can get used to these glasses?"
"Absolutely. Just turn your head to the left and you will see how it works"

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