dinsdag 2 december 2014

Jennifer 059

"Jennifer, I have the impression that your eyes have landed and that you can see me well. Am I right?"
"Yes, I can see everything clear now. It's amazing. Totally different from all the previous glasses. It's hard to describe. Any idea how long it took me?"
"About half a minute"
"Lord Lentilux, that's exactly what you predicted. Good! I lost touch with time during the process. It was as if something was pulling my eyeballs. It did not hurt, it was more like a weird tickling sensation. And then all of a sudden, it was as if the fog was removed. Does this make any sense to you?"
"It does, absolutely. Do you see anything different around you?"
"No, everything is just the way I saw it before I put on these glasses. It's funny and frightening at the same time. These glasses are tiny and I happened to look under the lenses, just before you started talking to me. Everything was a massive blur.... Please assure me that there is a way back from where I am now. I would not like to be so dependent on glasses"
"Not to worry, Jennifer. Your eyes will go back to normal much faster as soon as you remove the glasses. Give it ten seconds, fifteen at most"
"Did you take any pictures?"
"Just one. But if you allow me a few seconds, I will take another picture. That's it. Thank you"

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