donderdag 4 december 2014

Jennifer 118

"What's happening now, Jennifer? You don't look very happy"
"I'm fine and these glasses are fantastic. Everything is tiny but crystal clear. But now these young folks are quarreling, even in a fight. My good feeling has gone and I'd like to return to you now"
"Just a second. Allow me to take this final picture... That's it. The glasses are playing a funny trick with your make-up and I thought you might like to see the special effect"
"Are you ready? I'm feeling a bit cold"
"Yes, ready. You can take off the glasses now"

Jennifer took off the Flair glasses, kept her eyes closed and then looked up.
"Hello there, I'm glad you returned all in one piece"
"Hello there, good to see you again. You were completely invisible. Did I take directions well this time? I believe so"
"Yes Jennifer, you did. Perfect. This time I was responsible for a delay. How is your eyesight now?"
"Back to normal, Lord Lentilux. It's incredible. Those glasses are mighty strong but they felt like a safeguard. I will never forget them"
"Would you like to try the final pair? These glasses belonged to the same German lady"
"Yes, please. Do they have the same special lenses?"
"Indeed they have"

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