maandag 1 december 2014

Jennifer 036

"Do you see anything different through these cat eye glasses, Jennifer, or is everything the way you saw it through the lorgnette?"
"It's amazing, really amazing.... Remember I told you that the Form and Design Museum behind you was gone when I looked through that funny lorgnette? And then you asked me to put it off and the museum was back. And now it's gone again.... I can see the building but there is definitely no museum in it"
"Do the glasses give you a clear view, Jennifer?"
"That's amazing as well, but also a bit frightening. Yes, I can see everything perfect through these glasses. It took a few seconds, I think"
"I should have asked you the same question when you held the lorgnette in front of your eyes"
"Well, to be honest, I am not sure. Everything I saw was changing but it went a bit slower than with these cat eye glasses. At first, there was a bit of a blur but now I come to think about it, it became all clear after a while. But I was so flabbergasted about the way the building changed, it took all my attention"
"Can you describe to me exactly what happened to your vision when you removed the lorgnette? I'm not talking about the Museum now but about 20 / 20 vision"
"I am fairly certain that there was a bit of a blur. But it did not take long before I had my 20 / 20 vision back. That was a good feeling but it was almost disappointing that the Museum was back. It's hard to explain.... You remember, I told you about those people in their old fashioned clothes? It was fascinating to see them walk past"
"Did you see me at all through the lorgnette? Sorry again, I forgot to ask"
"Yes, Lord Lentilux, I saw you, but.... Don't take me wrong. It was different - just as if your voice was so much more important than your image"
"Like during a phone call?"
"Somewhere halfway, I'd say"
"And now? How do you see me through these cat eye glasses?"
"Please don't be offended.... You look almost transparent. I can see the Museum right through your image"
"There are no tourists walking towards us at the moment. That's a bit of a pity. But I don't want you to wear these glasses too long"
"Shall I take them off? Hold on, one more look at everything.... Amazing, really amazing. Thank you, Lord Lentilux. I hope my 20 / 20 vision will come back"
"It certainly will, Jennifer. Just hand me the glasses and relax. It will be a matter of seconds. Definitely less than half a minute"

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