donderdag 4 december 2014

Jennifer 101

"Can you tell me how I look in these glasses, Lord Lentilux? I had the impression they are quite stylish when you handed them to me. A peculiar shape. Am I right?"
"Yes, absolutely. These glasses were made by Silhouette and I got them in Austria"
"Are they progressives?"
"Yes, they are. Can you tell me if you see any difference around you?"
"A bit. Everything looks more modern and there is no ABBA music. The place is quiet. No people"
"You sound more comfortable and I can see it as well. You are looking great in these glasses. The design is not for everybody but they suit you, especially the eyebrow lines"
"Thank you, Lord Lentilux. Hold on, a door is opened on the far side...."

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