maandag 1 december 2014

Jennifer 038

"Lord Lentilux, may I ask, where do these vintage cat eye glasses come from?"
"These were from Ireland"
"You have an amazing collection. Did you get all the glasses in Ireland?"
"No, they come from many different countries. The previous pair came from Switzerland"
"How do you select them? How do you know they can do the magic?"
"I can feel it with my hands when I touch them. It's only a small minority of the glasses that went through my hands"
"It sounds as if you are a psychic"
"A touch of that, yes, but I don't know how it works. Now tell me, Jennifer, what do you see through these cat eye glasses?"
"Pretty much the same as what I saw through the previous glasses. Hold on.... the museum building looks different again. Like there is construction work going on"
"Do you see any people, Jennifer?"
"Not here, no. But I see people in the building, it looks like a renovation job"
"I hear footsteps. Somebody is arriving from the big square"

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