woensdag 3 december 2014

Jennifer 071

"Mirror mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in this land? May I ask, what do you think of your looks in these cat eye glasses, Jennifer?"
"Well, well.... It was good that you told me about the tiny eyes, Lord Lentilux. I really look different in strong glasses. Almost like a new person.... But these glasses look great, they really do. And guess what, they look less strong than I expected. My eyes look smaller but I would not call them tiny"
"You are right, Jennifer, absolutely right. These glasses really look great on you. And you really have the ideal face for cat eye glasses"
"I would not call them real cat eye glasses... but yes, there is a touch of that style. They would be perfect for me if I'd like to go somewhere and remain unrecognized"
"Glasses have become important in the life of many actresses, Jennifer. Some celebrities wear fake glasses wherever they go, simply to avoid the paparazzi"
"I would not mind playing a lady in real glasses if there was a nice film script around that theme. The thought never crossed my mind but yes, I think I could play a convincing role. If that happens one day, can I contact you?"
"Of course you can, Jennifer. But you don't need my magic glasses for that. There is a trick called GOC. It stands for glasses over contacts. If you would put in contact lenses of plus seven and then put up these glasses of minus eight, you could act all day. No problem"
"Go away.... That sounds complicated and I would not like to use contact lenses. The very idea. Some of my friends have them because they don't like their glasses. But they are always moaning about their contact lenses. If my eyes would become bad, I would rather wear glasses like these"
"That's the spirit, Jennifer"
"You still owe me the story about your attraction to glasses in general and ladies in glasses in particular. Or is that a secret?"
"Not at all. I don't have secrets. People with secrets don't live light weight"
"And that from a man with a giant suitcase.... Hold on, I must have another look in the mirror"
"And I will take another picture. Your concentrated look is great.... That's it. Shall we switch to the next pair?"
"I would love to send a postcard with a picture of myself in these glasses to my folks back home in the U.S. They always say that I keep surprising them"
"No problem, I can make something that you could use as a postcard"

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