dinsdag 2 december 2014

Jennifer 069

"The actress in strong glasses was murdered, wasn't she?"
"Yes, she was, and I think the killers got away with it"
"Well, now I am an actress in strong glasses myself.... I hope that you are not going to kill me"
"The thought of killing anybody simply never crossed my mind, Jennifer"
"But you have a thing about glasses, I can feel it. Excuse me if this is an impertinent question,,,, Do you fancy ladies in strong glasses?"
"Lady Lentilux wears stronger glasses than your cat eye glasses. Hold on.... Just another picture.... Jennifer, this is perfect. You are really looking as if these are your own glasses"
"Thank you, that's a nice compliment"
"It's time to take off these glasses, Jennifer. Shall we move to the next pair?"
"Sure. I have one request. You have a hand mirror in your suitcase. Can I use it when we try the next glasses? I'm really curious to see what I look like"
"Good idea. Just pick a pair that you really fancy"

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