donderdag 4 december 2014

Jennifer 102

"What's happening, Jennifer? Something the matter?"
"Yes, a group of guys. They are walking towards me. A bit of a rough crowd. What shall I do?"
"Take off the glasses immediately and you'll be safe"
"Ah, that's better. Good to be back. I need a few moments.... Yes, my 20 / 20 vision is back. Good to see you again, Lord Lentilux"
"I could see your discomfort. Were you afraid they were going to do you harm?"
"They spotted me and they were making silly jokes about my glasses. I was not sure what they would do"
"You did the right thing, Jennifer. Well done"
"Can I have a look in the box? I see there are only three pairs left but they are beautiful and the lenses really look special"
"They are myodisc glasses, Jennifer"
"What's that, a myodisc?"
"Myodisc glasses are for extremely shortsighted people. Only the central part of the lens has the power they need to see properly. The rest of the lens is flattened, otherwise the curve would be too strong and the lenses would be too thick at the sides"
"They really look interesting. Do you think it's safe for me to give them a try?"
"Yes, I think so. You'd better start with the white pair. The other pairs are stronger"
"They look different from the white pair, am I right?"
"Yes, the white pair has Formlenti lenses and the other pairs are blended myodiscs"
"That sounds very technical. Is the white pair too strong for me?"
"No, it's not stronger than the pink glasses I bought for Lady Lentilux. She tried the white glasses a few years ago and then danced the salsa with these glasses on"
"Your Lady Lentilux does not sound as a shy woman. She must be really shortsighted but the way you are talking about her gives me the idea that there is nothing handicapped about her. Am I right?"
"Absolutely, and that's why I felt attracted to her in the first place. She is well able to drive her car, even at night"
"Sounds good. She must be quite inspirational to you"
"Ah, she is, definitely"
"Did she ever feel the magic in your glasses?"
"Not really, no. She is a really down to earth person. A counterweight for me, so to speak"
"And what does she think about your glasses collection? I mean, it's not like collecting stamps or some hobby like that. I never came across any person with a glasses collection"
"She simply took it as a part of the package when we met. And she has some benefit of it as well. She often tries newly arrived glasses in my collection and if she really likes a pair, I order it as a gift for her. Much cheaper than in the shops"
"Thank you for sharing this with me. Shall I put on the white glasses now? I'm afraid there will be no salsa dancing from my side"
"There will be no salsa dancing from my side either. I tried to learn it but I never know where my feet are"

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