donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mia 118

A brief silence followed as neither of them dared to speak.

"There is a documentary about Bob Dylan in the sixties and it's called 'Don't look back'. Did you see it, Mia? And what do you think of the title with our three hours in mind?"

"All I can say is that it has been a roller coaster. I was in the park, waiting for a photographer but he did not turn up. That's a mortal sin in this profession. He can expect an angry email form me, that's for sure. Anyway, I zoomed in on my practice of the hue and out of the blue, there was you. And the ball started rolling.... On and on and on, like the wheel of fortune. All the loose ends.... but perhaps it was meant to be this way. Looking back, I put in a lot and so did you, in a completely different way. It opened my eyes in many respects and it opened your eyes as well, if I may make so bold. My five minutes in front of the mirror were timeless and it was an experience never to be forgotten. So forget about the Bob Dylan title. I will look back and so will you. Do send me the photos. I may not look at them straightaway but I will and that's a promise"

"Mia, there was a connection between us right from the start and I can't imagine that we will never meet again. Don't know where, don't know when, but I know that we will meet again"

"Some sunny day, preferably"

"Don't forget to take the glasses off. And by the way, there is no need to send an angry email to that stupid photographer"

"Why is that, Lord Lentilux?"

"You just worked with him"

 "You..... " (radiant smile) "Big hug?"

"Big hug"

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