woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 071

"Lord Lentilux, Rob, there is one thing we need to talk about before we go. You see, I'm not just a photo model but also an actress and a bit of a singer. Things have gone really fast recently. Some of my friends say I have become viral. At first I loved it, but it also has its dark sides. Privacy and so on.... Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mia, I think I do. If there is anything I can help you with, just ask."

"Thank you". She removed the glasses and within half a minute, the celebrity regained her 20/20 vision.

"Thank you for this unique experience in the park, Mia, and for our brief photo shoot. Now let's get practical. Shall we get that drink in one of the restaurants around the corner?"

"Well, honestly I would prefer a favourite place of mine near the Boulevard Magenta. It's less than a ten minute walk. I can take the metro and the train home from there after we have that drink. I'd like to talk about a few things with you while we have the drink"

"Sure, Mia, we will do as you suggest"

"Can I wear the cardigan on the way to my favourite place? It's quite warm and protective. I will give it back to you when we split up after the drink"

"Of course. No problem"

"One more thing. The paparazzi are after me. Can you protect me against them?"

"That's new to me but I will do my best. It sounds as if you could do with some disguise. How about wearing a pair of prescription glasses?"

"Brilliant idea, Lord Lentilux. Preferably a pair with a milder prescription"

"How about these blue glasses? They are only minus three"

"They look great. Hold on.... How do I look in these?"

"Beautiful, Mia. Even better, it looks as if your eyes get used to them in no time"

"Yes, everything is crystal clear now so let's hit the road. You were just telling me about the radar quality of your brave Lady Nel. I'm developing the same radar quality myself. There is no need to be overprotective until I tell you, OK?"


And off they went, towards Boulevard Magenta and the place the young lady had in mind.

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