donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mia 078

The restaurant was easily found and the model was cordially welcomed by the staff.

"Hi Mia, good to see you again. Nice glasses. I did not know that you wear contacts"

"Neither did I. Can we sit by the window and have a drink?"


The model and her photographer took off their warm coats and installed themselves. Lord Lentilux opened his pizza box with the glasses.

"You can now take these Da Vinci glasses off if you like, Mia. But what a beautiful combination with your pink outfit"

"I feel almost sorry having to part with them. Bye bye, Da Vinci.... Oh, Rob, I am really quite shortsighted without the glasses. There is no way I could make my way to the bathroom now"

"Not to worry, Mia, it will all clear up within ten seconds or so"

"Ah, that's better.... Yes, my 20/20 vision is back. Shall we order?"

Lord Lentilux ordered a latte for his brave model and a glass of dry white wine for himself. They went into a lively conversation about the events in the park and the incident on the boulevard.

"Now Mia, may I be greedy and ask you to try some more glasses? Or did you have enough?"

"No, not yet. I'd love to try some more. Let's see what do we have in the box...."

The young lady put the Da Vinci glasses in the box and picked another blue pair.

"These are large but they look really nice. There is a touch of the cat eye look"

"They are more prominent on your face than the Da Vinci glasses. A bit on the large side as well but that was the fashion in the eighties"

"Hold on.... My eyes have to adjust to the new prescription.... Yes, I have landed. That went fast"

"There are no cylinders in the lenses. Cylinders delay the adaptation process. Can I take a few snaps?"

"Sure. My pleasure"

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