dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Mia 040 - 041

The young lady went into a deep concentration and this resulted in a strikingly beautiful red hue.

"This is fantastic, Mia. Definitely your best effort so far. But there is more"

"Like what?"

"You are really into posing. It was not that way when we started but it's gradually coming up. And what I'm seeing now is real modelling"

"Ah, I will tell you about that in a minute or two. By the way, your clairvoyant lady was probably not wearing these glasses all the time. The lenses are badly scratched. Or is it damage from more recent times?"

"No, they were already scratched when she gave them to me. She had three identical frames and two pairs of lenses. These scratched lenses and also an identical pair of prescription lenses for sunglasses. There was a clear blue frame and a brown frame. It was a special offer from an optician's chain. You could pop the lenses out of one frame and put them into one of the other frames"

"That may explain all the scratches. Now watch this...."

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