woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 066

Plunge into the deep.... Lord Lentilux watched more concentrated than ever after his courageous model put the blue cat eye glasses on her nose. There was a long silence. Neither of them dared to speak.

"This is Ground Control to Major Tom.... Are you there, Mia? How are you faring?"

"Like a miner descending to the core of Planet Earth. I'm fine but you have to give me more time for concentration"

Another long silence followed. Then her voice came back.

"Yes, now I'm making real progress. The fog is clearing up.... but everything is so tiny!"

"Take your time, Mia, it will be alright soon"

"Yes, everything is crystal clear now. But it's like looking through a pair of binoculars from the wrong end. Is this really the prescription of your Lady Nel?"

"Yes, for long distance. She wears progressives in real life"

"Excuse me for asking but how is she functioning in daily life?"

"Perfectly. She is a solid, reliable car driver, even at night. She runs a 10 K, and so on"

"And always in glasses?"

"Always in glasses, except sometimes when she goes swimming in the sea"


"She often goes swimming in the sea without her glasses on. No contact lenses either"

"That's incredible. I suppose she sees the same blur without glasses as what I saw when I first put on these cat eyes, is that right?"

"Technically speaking there is a difference but yes, you are right"

"How on earth does she manage? I would feel completely lost, let alone be able to go swimming in the sea"

"Ah, but there is a difference. She did not become a high myopic lady within a few seconds. And it's a well known fact that very shortsighted people develop a sort of radar that you and I don't have"

"My eyes must look incredibly tiny. Don't snap until I tell you"

"It's not as bad as you think, Mia. The image of your eyes is about 75% compared with their size without glasses"

"Really? Well, in that case I will do some posing and you can take pictures"

"That's the spirit. And don't worry about the way back, it's safe, guaranteed"

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