woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 072

Glasses: Da Vinci ("Ines"), early 1980's
[L: -2.50; c-1.25 o / R: -3.50; c-1.00 o]

The famous model and her photographer left the quiet park and slowly walked down Rue Lucien Sampaix towards the always busy Boulevard Magenta. Both were on their guard but the street was fairly quiet so they could have bits of conversation.

"How does it feel, Mia, walking the streets of Paris in real prescription glasses?"

"Protected, but isolated within the frame. Walking with your magic glasses on is definitely more difficult than posing in them. I have to watch where my feet are. Everything looks crystal clear but a bit smaller and further away. And there is a strange awareness. I feel totally dependent of these glasses. There is no way I could run in them. It's as if my life has changed"

"If we knew each other better, I would suggest to give you an arm for better balance"

"That would be fine in this quiet street but it might draw more attention on us once we are on the Boulevard"

"Do you mean the mosquito risk?"

"Exactly. You have a way with words, My Lord. And it's clear that you were raised in a civilized environment. I like your old fashioned protection, walking between me and the traffic"

"It's the task of a gentleman to protect a lady. And also a matter of respect and courtesy. Times have changed but I kept some of the good elements of my education"

There was no further conversation when they reached the crowded boulevard. At first, they were both very alert but everything went well and gradually, some relaxation set in.

When they reached a busy crossroad with traffic lights. Lord Lentilux pointed at a shop in the side street on the left. It was an optician's shop.

"I feel tempted to take a few pictures of you with the shop signs in the background"

"And be my private mosquito. Would you like to see the shop window first? I will wait for you here"

"Are you sure, Mia?"

"Yes, but don't stay long"

"Just a look in the window, that's all. Just give me a shout if anything happens"

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