woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 057

"That's it, Mia, we have an excellent series in Christian Dior glasses"

"Are you sure? OK, I will take them off. Did you notice the bit of hue?"

"I did. There was a touch of it, but not over the top"

"OMG, I'm really blind as a bat without glasses...."

"Just relax and give it another fifteen seconds. Your vision will be back to perfect soon"

"You are right, it's improving already.... Almost there now.... Yes, that's it, I have a safe landing. Now can you show me the pictures on the display of the camera?"

"With pleasure. I'm quite curious myself"

They sat together on the bench and had a good look at the display.

"Not bad going, Mia, don't you think?"

"It looks like you did a fine job as a photographer. It felt like clockwork when we were shooting. Are you sure this was your first time at it?"

"Shall we try another pair? Maybe a pair with a mild prescription?"

"Sure. I will have a look in the box.... There are two blue pairs I would like to try on. One with a mild prescription and an extravagant design. The other pair is a cat eye with very strong lenses"

"Let's try the extravagant glasses first. I will tell you about them when we are shooting"

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