dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Mia 037

"It all goes with ease, Mia, but I have the impression that you are getting tired. How about a short break to give your eyes some rest? Or are you a bit annoyed that your friend is not turning up?"

"Ah, he is not a friend but a man who said he needed me to help him with a project. But I don't mind. It happens that people miss appointments. And to be honest, My Lord, you are pleasant company. It's great to give your magic glasses a try"

"May I insist and ask if you feel any discomfort?"

"Well, it may sound silly but I am beginning to feel a bit cold, even in these warm clothes"

"That can be solved, I have a very warm ladies cardigan in the hotel. I can fetch it and you will be warmed up in no time"

"That would be grand. But let me try one more pair first. I will push my limits with the hue. It always brings a minor heatwave to my body, at least for half a minute or so"

"Fine, Mia. We'll do as you suggest. Just pick the pair you like best at first sight"

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