donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mia 086

Lord Lentilux sat in awe, watching how the gorgeous model walked straight to the back of the restaurant. It took five minutes before she returned, looking incredibly beautiful and walking in a very confident manner. It was hard to believe that this was the same person as the rather shy lady on the boulevard. But what struck him most was the expression on her face. It was pure disbelief but in a positive way.

"Mia, you look incredibly beautiful and you move just as if these are your own glasses"

"I could not believe the image of myself in the mirror. That's why it took me so long to return. These glasses are strong but they are perfect, absolutely perfect. The frame is elegant but it's the combination with the lenses that does it for me. And I was thinking about the good time I had working for the brands, posing in empty frames or in glasses without power in the lenses. The entire industry is all about creating perfect images and the same goes for modelling. And here I am, made blind as a bat, trying out vintage glasses in a park and in a restaurant with you. This is an entirely different experience. Your concept is exactly the opposite. My image in the mirror was perfect imperfection. I never saw myself so beautiful in my life. And to be honest, it already hurts when I realize that this is not going to last. I wish there was a way to keep wearing these strong glasses forever. I would not mind being completely dependent on them. But soon we will have to part and the magic only works when you are there. So I'm happy and sad at the same time. Am I losing my marbles or does all this make any sense to you?"

"Perfect imperfection.... I love it. And yes, everything you said makes sense, Mia. But there is a way to make this moment live on forever"

"Fixing this moment.... Capturing the perfect image in a picture.... Yes, I'm all go for it"

Lord Lentilux took up his tiny camera and snapped.

"Shall we stop now, Mia?"

"Good question. The way I'm feeling now is that nothing can be better than this, but...."

"Beauty can have many faces, Mia. Well, there is no need to tell you that. You are the expert"

"My brain is telling me that you are right. Allow me to sit for a few minutes here in these glasses with you and pretend that this is everyday life. Let's not talk glasses, let's talk about the weather or have a simple chat about nothing"

"That is wisdom, Mia. The ultimate wisdom. It's a cold day, now isn't it?"

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