woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 053

"That was grand, Mia. you are clearly a seasoned model and it's immediately obvious that you have previous experience with posing in glasses"

"That's exactly why I asked you to get your camera. I'm interested to see the difference in general feel between my work for brands like Luxottica and our experiment with real prescription glasses"

"May I ask, do you feel a difference?"

"Of course. Take the cold, for one. And the location. This is a real life situation. And the prescription lenses may make a difference as well"

"The stronger the glasses, the more difference. So far, you only tried glasses with mild prescriptions but there are some stronger glasses in the box as well"

The model went through the box and she took a brown pair of glasses.

"These look great. Very stylish. And the lenses look a lot stronger. Same procedure as with the mild prescriptions?"

"Yes, the same procedure. The only difference is that it may take your eyes some more time to adapt to the lenses"

"Does it also take longer for my eyes to return to my 20 / 20 vision when I take the glasses off?"

"A little bit, but don't worry, a safe return is guaranteed. By the way, you made an excellent choice. These glasses were made by Christian Dior, almost forty years ago. They started their own glasses line the year before and it was a real revolution"

"So these are classic glasses. I will try to treat you with some classic poses". Then she put the glasses on.

"OMG, these are mighty strong...."

"Just relax, it will take no more than twenty seconds and then you will see everything perfectly"

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