donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mia 101

"Now that was a swift switch, wasn't it, My Lord?"

"It was. How are your eyes?"

"Fine. I can see everything crystal clear and there is no strain. By the way, which pair of glasses is this, on my nose? I'm blind as a bat without glasses and it all went as quick as lightning"

"You are now wearing the purple cat eye glasses. Do you remember them from when you inspected the box?"

"I do. They looked really nostalgic. Cat eye glasses are great. Do they suit me?"

"Yes, they do. A bit on the wide side but any pose except 'en face' will be fine. By the way, my Lady Nel wears the same glasses in everyday life"

"It's nice to hear that. Give her my regards when you get home form Paris. I like the way you are giving instructions for the posing. You picked it up quite fast. I will try some nostalgic posing from the days of Marilyn Monroe"

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