woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 064

"That's it. You can now take off the glasses. Just relax and your eyes will be back to normal in twenty seconds. I'm pretty sure that we have another great series"

"Thank you". Mia removed the glasses and she kept watching his Lordship in amazement. "I'm truly amazed by the way you are getting in your stride"

"Well, I know several professional photographers and they all say that a good model is half the job. How are your eyes?"

"Almost back to normal.... Yes, I'm back. Let's have a look on the display and then I would like to proceed with the strong cat eye glasses"

Again, the model and the photographer sat together, zooming in on the images produced by the tiny display.

"A good photographer is the other half of the job. You did great. I see no flaws. Now shall we continue? Please tell me first about these giant cat eye glasses. They look very strong. Do you think my eyes can handle the adaptation?"

"Oh yes, no problem. The adapting will be a bit slow, but not much slower than the Cazal glasses. These glasses are modern and the lenses are in the prescription of my Lady Nel"

"She sounds like a formidable lady to me, Lord Lentilux. Is she with you in Paris, by any chance?"

"No, she is quite busy, preparing for two hectic weeks, teaching in China"

"Well, in that case I will at least make the acquaintance with her eyesight. Shall we start?"

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