woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 046

Lord Lentilux hurried to his hotel room, grabbed the ultra warm cardigan and his tiny camera, then ran back to the park. To his relief, the young lady in black was still there, guarding the pizza box with his magic glasses. It was immediately clear that she had selected the next pair of glasses but they did not seem to make her happy.

"Hi Mia, here's the warm cardigan. There's nothing like it. You will notice the difference within a minute or two"

"Thank you, My Lord, that was fast. Your physical condition is even better than I thought. May I ask, do you have a first name as well? Or do you keep that private?"

"I have no secrets for you. Life is easier when there are no secrets. Besides, it's also better for one's health. My parents baptized me Robert but that felt way too posh for me so I changed it into Rob at the age of fifteen. So the choice is yours. It's either Lord Lentilux or Rob, whatever you prefer"

"Thank you, Rob. The cardigan is great. I'm beginning to feel warmer already. It's even compatible with my looks"

"Good to hear that. May I ask, there seemed to be some discomfort in your eyes. Was it the cold? Or did your appointment turn up?"

"Neither. But you are right, I had a few frustrating moments while you were away". She took up a pair of glasses that was lying next to the pizza box.

"I tried these glasses while you were away. They look great on me but there was a lot of strain on my eyes. The magic seems to be gone"

"Not to worry, Mia. Just put the glasses on again and they will do the job for you"

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