donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mia 080

The staff brought the drinks and Mia received another compliment from them.

"Hey Mia, do you have two different pairs? These look great on you as well, only different"

"Thank you, that is very kind. Do you mind if my companion takes some pictures of me?"

"Not at all, Mia. It's a quiet day and you are in nobody's way. Keep snapping, Sir"

"You made an excellent choice with this restaurant, Mia. It's more comfortable than in the park. I can see that your fingers are still cold, but that will soon be over"

"Do you mind my red finger tips?"

"Not at all, Mia, after all this is not a photo shoot for one of the brands, is it?"

"No, it's not, but it's a wonderful experience. You should really consider starting a project and work with models. Your collection is fabulous and I'm sure that many models would be interested to work with you"

"Food for thought.... Shall we move to the next pair?"

"Next pair.... Ah, you have a nice couple of pink metal glasses in your box. Great. They are next. But first I will take these blue glasses off and wait for my 20/20 vision"

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