woensdag 24 februari 2016

Mia 051

"Now I get the picture, Rob. Your magic invention is a far more complicate story than I expected. So it was your partner Nel who first noticed the adaptation in her eyes. And then you started testing it with other people, is that right?"

"Well, it was even more complicated than that but yes, what you said is the management summary"

"Thank you. Now here's some information from my side. I have been a model for many years and some of my jobs in the U.S. were for brands that design glasses. One of these brands was Luxottica. By the way, it was not me but you who mentioned their name. Why was that, are you clairvoyant after all?"

"Not at all, Mia. I mentioned them as they own most of the brands nowadays. Big business"

"Anyway, my appointment here in the park was with a photographer so I was here for a modelling job. I arrived early so there was some time to do my practice with the light and the hue. And then there was you. The reason I asked you to bring your camera is that we might as well do a bit of a photo shoot if you are interested. Then we will both have a fine souvenir of our chance meeting in the park"

"Great idea. You look beautiful in these glasses. In fact, some glasses in the box are more striking than this pair. Mind you, I only have a small, simple camera and I'm not really a photographer. But I will give it my best shot if you can live with my limitations"

"Don't be shy, Rob. it's the magic in your glasses that counts, not the technical wizardry. And you have a way with words, with psychology and so on. Even with female psychology. So yes, let's shoot for ten minutes or so"

"It will be my privilege and honour, Mia. Are you ready?" (SNAP)

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