dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Mia 039

"These glasses are really nice, My Lord. And I have the impression that you are watching me more closely than you did with the previous glasses. Is there a story attached to them by any chance, aside from your own magic?"

"You are a keen observer, Mia. Indeed you are"

"Half the credit for that goes to you. So far, I have perfect eyesight in all your glasses"

"No claustrophobia anymore?"

"Not at all, I suppose it was a matter of getting used to the idea. And of course, the first pair was quite special. I had every inch of trust in your good intentions and what you told me about the way out. But the proof of the pudding is the eating. But low let me hear your story about these glasses, if you feel comfortable sharing it with me"

"Of course I will share it with you. It's not my habit to cherish trade secrets. These glasses don't come from a charity shop or an optician. In that case you simply don't know anything about the first owner. But these glasses were given to me twenty years ago by a very special lady. She was a clairvoyant, not professionally, but she had psychic powers"

"Where did she get them, or were they her own glasses?"

"Her own glasses. She gave me a box full of all the glasses she used between the early sixties and the early nineties"

"Were you involved with her?"

"Yes, we had a relation which lasted five or six years. So there is a memory attached to these glasses, even though she stopped wearing them when I met her"

"Any chance that she was in part responsible for the magic power of these glasses?"

"There is no way of telling, I'm afraid. You see, I added hundreds of glasses to my collection after we split up and we never saw each other again"

"May I ask, do you have psychic powers yourself?"

"Not that I'm aware of. And what about yourself?"

"Same story. If I have anything like that, I'm not aware of it at all. Besides, it's best not to know what's around the corner. Thank you for sharing this with me, Lord Lentilux. But the cold is getting more intense so I will try to change colour a couple of times"

"Please do"

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