dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Mia 034

"These are giant glasses, My Lord. They are almost the size of sunglasses. It looks as if they are turning into sunglasses as we speak. But there is something weird with these lenses. I see a wave towards my feet and there is a blur in the lower part of the lens. Does your magic only work partial in these glasses?"

"No, the magic is as good as ever. These are glasses by Silhouette, one of the most famous brands of the 1970's and 1980's. All frames were huge in those decades. The lenses are so called progressives. They are like bifocals but with an invisible transition to the reading segment. The blur you are seeing near your feet is something that every person in need of progressive glasses has to deal with"

"Ah, that makes sense. My mother has progressives and she was stumbling a few times when she first got them, but I don't hear her about those problems anymore. I suppose she has got used to it. About the brand you mentioned, the name Silhouette rings a bell, but I never worked for them"

"Did you work for other brands? That's interesting. May I ask, what was your job?"

"Ah, just freelance work. Can I move to the next pair?"

"Be my guest. Feel free to try any pair you fancy and I will answer your questions if you have any"

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