donderdag 22 september 2016

Nicci 110 - 111

One of Nicci's many qualities is her ability to produce every expression under the sun within split seconds. Some of this variation was spontaneous but in many cases she was "simply" following my directions and suggestions. These two portraits are real gems. There's a fine touch of irony in the lower portrait and a lively expression with superbly direct eye contact in the top portrait. It could be translated in the following words: "Alright, I may be blind as a bat, but I like my glasses, whatever you say". Nicci only needed a few words from my side to produce exactly the mood required. Great!

Aside from the attractive design, the frame color is fantastic. Orange was a popular frame color during the mid and late 1960's and opticians almost dictated it to blondes. Shortly after 1970's, the orange frames disappeared from the streets, never to return. Until there was Zenni, in 2009.... The frame has long disappeared from their catalog but the glasses remain a favorite among models till this very day. I have lost count but Nicci may well be the 15th model posing in them. A thumb rule, found out by trial and error, goes like this: "The more a model likes a pair of glasses, the better the results". This is why I always invest many hours (often a full day or more) to select an individual collection of glasses for each model. For the same reason, there is always the opportunity to fulfill requests by models who fancy a specific style. It's similar to what opticians do when they give advice to their clients but the advantage of this project is that my collection offers far more variety in styles than what opticians have available in their shops.

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