woensdag 21 september 2016

Nicci 099

Dating the age of these Silhouette glasses is a matter of educated guess work but they are definitely 1970's. Silhouette started stamping a serial number on each frame sometime around 1970 and this helps to put a fairly precise year of manufacturing on most of their glasses (about one hundred) in my collection. The Silhouette company generously met my request to date some twenty glasses in my collection and the rest was a matter of extrapolation. Quite a gesture from a company always in the middle of a fierce competition with many other brands. The problem with the glasses shown here by Nicci is that the first owner ordered her optician to have her name stamped on one of the arms, on top of the place where the serial number was stamped. The lenses are -1.50 above Nicci's prescription but she managed to bridge the gap without any visual effort. This is superb posing indeed.

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