donderdag 15 september 2016

Nicci 065

So far, this documentary follows the chronology in frame design. The jump of fourteen years (from 1996 to 2010) is chosen in order to avoid the retro era in which very few interesting frames were made. My photography project with "Ladies behind crystal veil" started in late 2009, eighteen months after meeting my life partner Nel who also became my first model. It was Nel who saw the potential of my vast collection. She started mentioning names of ladies in the know that might be interested to pose for me in vintage glasses near their own prescription. I discovered Zenni Optical and decided to order glasses from them. The idea was to let the models try out some modern glasses and offer them a pair of free glasses as compensation for their time. Many amateur models chose a pair after seeing the pictures taken during their photo shoot. I joined Model Mayhem in 2011, working with freelance and full time professional models in the Netherlands. Some of these models also preferred a payment in glasses over a fee. The project went international in 2013 and so far I worked in nine countries. Over the years, my collection of Zenni glasses expanded to well over 100 pairs. Here lovely Nicci is showing one of the earliest pairs ordered from Zenni. A very nice feature of these glasses is that they have floating lenses. Nicci commented that the glasses gave her perfect eyesight.

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