woensdag 21 september 2016

Nicci 082

Pro Design is a brand from Denmark that designed many fine frames during the 1980's and early 1990's. The green pair shown here to great effect by lovely Nicci has a honey brown twin sister in my collection. Green is not regarded an easy colour for frames but this pair is a notable exception.
Lots of careful editing went into these portraits in order to achieve the best contrast with the grass and the Royal Pavilion in the background.
Over the years, Mike and I had lots of correspondence about editing and photography in general. To say that Mike taught me a thing or two about editing would be the understatement of the year. I have two handicaps related to eyesight. One is an almost total lack of 3D vision. The other handicap is a slight degree of colour blindness. This combination often leads to different choices in the editing than someone with perfect vision would have made.It´s not easy to give advice about editing for one who was not present during the photo shoot in question.The photo shoot with Nicci gave both myself and Mike the opportunity to compare our individual choices during the editing phase.Shortly after my return from Brighton, a bad shoulder injury restricted my activities for several months. No music, no photography. Fortunately, the five photo shoots from Athens and Brighton had not been edited yet and it turned out that editing could be done, albeit at a very slow pace.It enabled me to try out a different way of editing, with Mike´s sound advice as a compass.E.g. he showed me how graduated tint can be used in model photography.Our usual procedure would be that I sent him my editing version andhe´d have a go at it, describing step by step how it could be improved.It goes without saying that many choices in editing have to do with personal taste and preferences.Mike respected this.He merely sent his versions and descriptions of the consecutive editing steps as suggestions.I then tried my hand at my original version, following his description of editing steps but discarding some if their effect did not suit my general feel about the portrait in question.This photo of lovely Nicci in green glasses by Pro Design is an excellent example of the wonderful cooperation described above.The glasses gave Nicci perfect eyesight and her expression, especially the direct eye contact, is second to none. Hat off for Nicci....and also for Mike!

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