woensdag 21 september 2016

Nicci 085

These Christian Dior glasses were made some fifteen years after they first conquered the world in 1976. Over the years, their frame design went through many changes but if you compare this frame with the two Dior glasses shown earlier on by Nicci, you will recognize some similarities like the CD logo on the arms. As Nicci is wearing Dior glasses herself - excellent taste, Nicci! - it made sense to look for vintage Dior glasses that might suit her. The vast majority of Dior glasses in my collection have lenses for long sight and as a result, there are quite a few that have not been shown yet. I still hope to come across longsighted models in the future. Fortunately, three Christian Dior pairs in my collection have lenses close to Nicci's prescription and the frames were a match as well. Great!

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