woensdag 21 september 2016

Nicci 100

This is how the portraits of Nicci's excellent posing in Silhouette glasses were made. Believe me, any photographer should be ready to go through - or even down - his knees when given the chance to portray this outstanding yet cheerful and witty model. I almost went through my knees sitting comfortably in front of my PC when the first photos from Nicci's port appeared on the screen. High time for another confession - being a music composer herself, Nicci will understand - there was music in my head when the photos came rolling past. Always a good sign. The music? A line from the chorus in a massive international hit by pop group Shocking Blue from The Hague, Holland (1970) called "Venus". It went number one in the U.S. and its composer subsequently went on retirement, living from the royalties of that song. Those were the days.... The words? "She's got it.... Yeah baby, she's got it". Big compliment to Mike for taling this great picture just at the right moment!

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