donderdag 15 september 2016

Nicci 069

A nice thing about Zenni is that they don't slavishly follow the current trends in frame design. Of course they make many frames that fit within the current trend, like the black hipster glasses that finally put an end to the retro era in 2009. But they also make glasses in various styles from the past. Again, Zenni does not copy these styles exactly. Instead, they give their frames a twist of their own. Three years ago, it was a pleasant surprise when they started producing a large amount of cat eye glasses. Time and again, some brands and opticians tried to raise new interest in the style but so far, cat eye glasses are rare sightings in the streets. However, some of the Zenni cat eye glasses seem to sell quite well. Good!
But let's return to the comparison between these contemporary cat eye glasses and the vintage cat eye glasses made over half a century ago. The pair shown here by Nicci has modern frame materials and it's size is considerably larger than the classic cat eye glasses. It's hard to imagine nowadays that all frames were on the small size before 1967 and there was no variety in size for women with a large PD. This variety only started to emerge in the 1970's.
Nicci is a highly experienced model and here gives us another example of her outstanding posing qualities. Her own prescription is -5.50 but these modern cat eye glasses are fitted with -8.00 lenses. The -2.50 over correction could be handled by the brain but not for long. So I always advise models to relax their eyes and simply accept the blur. This works remarkably well. I always check if a model is feeling comfortable during her photo shoot. If she feels a bit tired, we take a break. And I check again at the end of each photo shoot and the following day via email contact. None of the models ever had a headache in the evening or in the next morning, let alone an increase in her prescription. There is no risk in posing as a Lady behind Crystal Veil.

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