donderdag 22 september 2016

Nicci 107

Glasses: Zenni 110125
[L=R: -8.00]

After seeing lovely Nicci posing in a great variety of glasses from the Golden Era (the 1970's and 1980's), you may be inclined to think that this is another great pair of vintage glasses. Five years ago, my life partner Nel was delighted when she first saw these glasses ("Great....I had glasses just like these in the mid seventies") and she was flabbergasted when I told her that they were in fact brand new. It was a huge surprise to me as well when this giant frame appeared in the Zenni catalog and I ordered it straightaway, fitted with their standard -8.00 lenses (1.57). High index lenses were not available until the late 1980's. The lenses are not quite as thick as they were in the 1970's and 1980's but the overall effect is rather similar. Nel was the first model who posed in this pair and her example was soon followed by many other models (e.g. Marieke 347, Jolien 283, Sohaila 091, Doreen 165, Juliette 217, Farishta 761, Iris 126, Nadya 110, Emma 152). The frame soon went out of stock but it remains popular among the models. Here Nicci is showing us why this is the case.

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